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Orchard Books

The Official Pokemon Early Reader 8 Books

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The Official Pokémon Early Reader 6 Books Box Set Collection with Full Colour Illustrations:

Alola Adventure:
Gotta Catch 'Em All! A fantastic full-colour early reader that Pokémon's youngest fans have been waiting for! Ash and his mum are on holiday in the Alola region, along with Pikachu and Mimey, and having a great time. Join Ash for a new adventure, exciting challenges and of course - more Pokémon battles!

The Guardian's Challenge:
Ash is starting at the Pokémon School in the Alola region, and his classmates are planning a party for him. But no one is expecting the surprise guest... Tapu Koko!

Team Rocket Trouble:
At Pokémon School, Professor Kukui gives Ash a special Pokédex called a Rotom Dex. With help from the Rotom Dex, Ash is sure he will catch a Pokémon. But with Team Rocket also on Alola, it might not be that easy ...

Battle on Alola:
Ash is determined to catch a Pokémon on Alola. When he saves a Rowlet, Ash thinks this is his chance. But catching Pokémon is not that simple!

School Trip:
The Pokémon School students are going to Kanto! They can't wait to find out about all of the differences between the Pokémon in Kanto and Alola. Plus, they get to battle it out in the Pokémon Gym!

Legendary Ultra Beasts:
When Ash comes across a mysterious Pokémon in Alola, no one knows what it is. Will some visitors from out of town be able to help? Pokémon Early Readers are perfect for developing reading skills and confidence.