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Mentormorphosis : Stories for Mentoring the Leader in You

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Most people struggle at the very outset. How do you find an excellent mentor and how do you get that person to mentor you? Frankly, it really is about serendipity. In my case, they just happened. That they were among the best around, was a bonus. The thing is to keep your antennae alert, and if it is meant to be, you will find the right one. Else, there’s no other choice but to keep searching. As the Buddha said, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’

How often do we recall the major achievements in our lives and celebrate them? Do we spend enough time remembering the significant people and incidents that influenced our lives? Do we look back and cherish the contribution of our mentors?

In Mentormorphosis, Akash Khurana chronicles how his mentors shaped the early years of his life, and with that as reference, he generates a model of various mentoring stages and mentor types that may be applicable to everyone’s life. Readers are then guided to revisit their own mentoring history and recall certain learnings that could enrich their perspective on their journey into the future. By sharing experiences through a memoir, the author replicates the tradition of storytelling where emotionally compelling tales are handed down over generations. Based on his own experiences in management, academics, media and the performing arts, Khurana believes that developing a passion to be creative unleashes the leader in you and is an eminent stairway to excellence.

Mentormorphosis stimulates answers to the interestingly poised question: how do you find a mentor who can fuel that passion?