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Happiness Is Success

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This is neither a secret nor a revelation, so why do we keep chasing the idea of a happy tomorrow and the happiness of today escapes us?
Every human being seeks pleasure just as they shun pain. Unfortunately, however, we all experience ‘The Triple Suffering’—pain of the body, misery of the mind and agony of the ego. Our social conditioning has made us believe that happiness comes with success; hence, we spend our entire life chasing achievement after achievement. But, are all successful people happy? No. On the contrary, all happy people are successful.
AiR (Atman in Ravi) experienced happiness in abundance and discovered the three peaks of
happiness—achievement, fulfilment and self-awakening—very early in life. He lives with eternal peace, divine love and everlasting joy. In this book, he shares how every person can do the same and gives you a simple and easy-to-implement road map for conquering the three peaks.
This book will help you accept a simple truth—that happiness is just a state of mind, and the moment you are blissful and peaceful, you will be successful too.