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Geir Skeie – World Champion: from Childhood to the Bocuse D’or

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No-one has won the Bocuse d'Or, the true world championship of fine cooking, more convincingly than Geir Skeie. Now you can learn to prepare food with the world champion from Fitjar. This book is not just for experienced gourmets; Geir takes us with him on a culinary journey through his life. You can get the children in the family cooking with Geir as a ten-year-old: pizza and fish balls – simple. Norwegian dishes with no snobbish connotations. Or try your hand at the slightly more advanced dishes. Everything is explained simply, with tips and methods.

This is a cookbook for all those who are interested in developing their skills in the kitchen, in which Geir generously shares his expertise. He found much of his inspiration and many of his raw ingredients from his native country. The man from the west coast loves the pure Norwegian taste. But he also plays around with food from other cultures, always with the raw ingredients at the centre, for the experience of the flavours.

This is Geir Skeie's first cookbook. His name was unknown to many people when he suddenly found himself on the winner's rostrum in the Bocuse d'Or, after having outclassed competitors from food-loving countries all over the world. So it's probably unnecessary to say that this book is packed with enjoyment!